Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday Focus on Art - John Buck

My first "Friday Focus on Art" post is a day late. Just ran out of hours to get in done yesterday. I so love this artist's work!

Last month, I went to see a John Buck exhibit. So glad I did! I am completely in awe of his carvings and sculptures and am easily able to connect with his work on a personal level. I was lucky to take some classes, recently, with a master wood carver. I’ve gained a new appreciation for all that goes into Mr. Buck’s art.

His large scale woodblock prints - blocks jigsawed together to create each massive piece - are staggering. I wished for a bench or two to relieve my aching back, as I spent probably an average of 7-10 minutes examining each work of art. Fairly quickly, you can to recognize many of the icons he repeats as he offers commentary on issues - local and global - that affect us all. Each piece is so clearly a narrative. I wonder if my interpretations comes anywhere close to what the artist had in mind.

I located a print of The Coal Mine, 1996, available for sale. It’s a 4 color woodcut, 62”x37”. Probably shouldn’t have sought it out, but I can dream.

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