Monday, April 26, 2010

shoe love

On Mondays I always look forward to seeing what Mrs. French has covered in her weekly "I heart Monday" post. Her blog, Bliss, is fabulous. It's always chock full of beautiful images. Yesterday, I found these snazzy ocean blue Chie Mihara heels.

Although I've proclaimed my love for great shoes numerous times over the years, my fondness hasn't been so evident in my own footwear of late. Well... at least in terms of variety. I tend to stick with clogs & Keens. It's all about practicality and speed in getting those babies on my feet. While I still thoroughly enjoy shoes, new shoes are an indulgence that rarely feels high priority any longer. I feel a bit inspired by Mrs. French, however, to highlight some of my favorites.

Turning 40 didn't feel differently from any other birthday. Oddly, 41 was a bit of a pest. In an effort to recapture some of the shoe joy of my youth and "celebrate" my maturity, I turned to John Fleuvog. It had been about 13 years since my last purchase. My daughters were NOT pleased with my choice, but I was thrilled then and am equally satisfied still. It was difficult to narrow down the options, but the pragmatist in me won out. I went with the astonishingly light-weight Angel Henk. You just can't imagine how these feel until you try them.


I suppose Fleuvogs are my all-time favorite shoes. The nostalgia factor may play a significant role, but the quality and comfort is tough to beat.

I would love to add these to the family:

Of my very few dressy options, my favorites are Lisa Nading sling-backs.

via shoe_nole's flickr

I would love a pair of Cydwoq low heals. I have a few pairs of Cydwoqs. Each of which I view as art. Two of those pairs I was able to purchase for about 25% of the original price because I am good at arriving early and standing in line. Cydwoqs are handmade to mold to the foot unlike any others I have encountered. I wear my Wins the most:


All fancy-pants shoes aside, I am will be forever smitten with good ole' Converse Jack Purcells. And no one can tell me they don't go brilliantly with a sundress.


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