Friday, June 25, 2010

new items in shop & backpack camping with kids

I'm beginning to add brooches & obi wrap belts to my shop. Will probably add a few of each over the next couple of days.

obi & brooch listed separately

My husband and oldest daughter (7) - plus a friend and his daughter - just headed off for their first backpack camping trip to Esmeralda Basin. We're used to having our car about 10 feet from the tent packed with everything we might possibly need. It won't be a big hike. Instead, a great intro to packing in your gear.

It's been many years since my husband and I went backpack camping. I think the last time - perhaps the only time for us together - was 11 years ago. We were snowshoeing and had to demonstrate our ability to dig a snow cave. Also did some practice with ice axe self-arrest. The self-arrest part was fun, but I no longer have any strong inclination to sleep in a snow cave. I go in for a thick thermarest, an available shower, perfect weather and plenty of extra stuff in the car.

Jeffrey's Shooting Stars along the Esmeralda Basin Trail.
photo by Bob & Barb via Washington Trails Assoc.

Happy camping Dan and Ruby! We'll miss you!!

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