Thursday, July 29, 2010

old chair gets a new life pt. 1 of 2

My sister has an old chair in her bedroom that has been in our family a couple of generations. She is currently in the midst of transforming her personal space into the relaxing oasis she deserves. Bedroom makeover or not, this chair is in dire need of a sprucing up.

Last weekend she came up for the day and we torn this little number apart. The proper tools - tack pull, staple pull and pliers make the job doable. Without those tools (plus my glorious pneumatic staple gun), I expect most would never again want to reupholster anything. I love my staple gun!

The chair is a super versatile size, but the upholstery and clam shell back hold no interest for sis - or for me. The bones of the chair are very much like the only other chair I have ever fully reupholstered. Sis wants a velvety soft brown with a simple button-tufted back. Once you've completely taken apart a chair and built it back up from the frame, you come to believe you can reupholster anything. At least I think that's what happened to me.

let me at it! bye-bye clam shell.

Tear-down can be brutal. Watch out for the dastardly jaws.

old coils are fine but needed to be re-tied.

webbing is now taut and much more supportive.
the former hay and batting seat has been removed.

operation build-up is in full swing with new burlap

good webbing, well-tied coils & fresh, taut burlap are key.

I'll finish it soon. With a little luck it may be done by Sunday night. My sister will be coming by again then so I want to be able to surprise her. Stay tuned for part 2.

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