Thursday, July 1, 2010

thrifting finds

It's extremely rare these days that I find time for thrift store, yard sale or estate sale shopping. Yesterday, my route took me by a Goodwill location that I have wanted to visit for years - like 6 or 8 years. This time I stopped! So glad I did, as it's clearly the sort of place I will try to visit often.

I spotted a fantastic wool Pendleton blanket. It was strewn across a rack a couple arms lengths from another shopper. I asked her if it was hers. Sadly, it was. At $5.99 in a great brown/mustard/turquoise plaid, it was a find. I am helping my sister with a sort of make-over of the main floor of her home so I had her needs in mind, although I left with only one item for her and several for my own household. I snapped up a bracelet, super inexpensive linen apron, and a small enamel caddy for the kids' bathroom, plus a wire basket for Sis to house bedside books. I think she'll love it.

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