Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the last of the Christmas crafting

In preparation for our Christmas guests, the girls and I have been crafting an assortment of gifts. Generally, our projects get off track as each child goes in her own direction and I do the same. When we finally got to our spool friends project, I insisted on paint base coats first. My youngest mixed an array of "people colors" for the heads. Next, I painted some solid body colors. I've learned from painting projects in the past that each child is always happier with the end result when they first do a base coat.

We used tooth picks for facial features (worked beautifully) and then pipe cleaners for the hair. The part I most enjoyed was giving our friends names and creating back stories. Enzo is a bicycle mechanic. Hisavette is a singer and dancer (she was born to entertain) who is known to take in any stray animal in need of lovin'. Florence (aka "Flo") - you guessed it - is a waitress. Deiter is in graphic design.

I get to keep one. Each was a collaborative effort between at least 2 of us. Next, we decide who each one goes to. My Dad definitely gets "Bob Loblaw", the lawyer, because we agree is will be fun to hear Grandpa read his new little buddy's name aloud. ;)

Madelinka, my favorite

Rapunzel, possession of my 4-yr-old. No one else need touch her!

some of the crew

the boys

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  1. Thank you Julie :)) Aren't they cool :))
    Have a super great Holiday!