Monday, January 3, 2011

A gorgeous day for a snowshoe adventure

Ok, so it wasn't really an "adventure". There were smiles, snowballs, gripes and whining - all amidst a glorious winter wonderland topped by a piercing blue sky. As a first snowshoe outing for our kids, I consider it a success.

We trekked up to the nearest mountains on New Year's Day to kick off 2011. Never have I seen dogs prance and flail their bodies about in such utter glee. Our girls, not so much. Still, they got their bearings, pressed onward uphill at our urging and perhaps enjoyed themselves a bit, although they'll never admit it. It was biting cold in the mid-teens and beautiful. My husband and I were still grinning once we returned to the car reveling in the bliss of some long-missed time on snowshoes and the bonus of knowing we had collected some important data about how to best outfit the kids for these conditions. Apparently neither child is interested in spending the night in a snow cave anytime soon. I've done it before, but I have to admit I'm not so interested either. We'll see...

I hope your year is off to a brilliant beginning.

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