Saturday, April 9, 2011

new skirts on a real, live human

Typically, now, I take my own product photos. I despise being photographed, but when it comes to apparel, you gotta see it on a person. I can take some shots on Stella, but she is kind of perfect - and lest you forget... perfect is not where it's at.

So it's a challenge to find a time when it's dry outside, away from the backdrop of our pre-Spring planting-beds-of-death, when the light is about right and my husband is available to take some shots. This evening, we managed some skirt shots in anticipation of rain tomorrow. It was agonizing, but I have deleted the most painful shots. These are simply painful, but you do get to see some color combos and the final design. Next time I mention women's skirts, it should be to announce that I am finally listing them in my shop. Enjoy the weekend!

slate ruffled - kind of matches my hair these days

brown ruffled w/black racing stripe

black ruffled w/blue fog racing stripe

blue fog ruffled w/brown racing stripe

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