Friday, April 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

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At the end of January, a dear friend of mine, Mandy, of Weathered Silo, gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. Mandy is as kind as they come and uber-talented to boot. And how do I respond to such an honor? Apparently, I ignore it for 2 months. At least it may appear that way. Of course, I thanked Mandy right away and basked in the glory a bit, but then I proceeded to log it a little too far back in my brain and all but forget about it until last week. Alas, I have remembered my duty to share this award forward. I am happy to do so.

First, however, I am to share 7 random things about myself.

1. I have a scar on my neck as a result of a childhood zipper incident. Taunts of "Julie has a hickey, Julie has a hickey" caused me much grief.

2. In 8th grade, some friends and I won first place in our school talent show for a Go Go's lip sync. A couple of days before the show, two of the girls in our "band" announced they would be attending a Ramones concert instead of performing in the talent show. We got two boys to fill in. They sported boxers under the mini-skirts which all caught sight of when we made our entrance through the crowd, each shouting her name and vaulting onto the stage.

3. I took a leave from college in 1989/90 to go live and study in Nantes, France where I received the worse grades of my academic career. It was in French!

4. I used to be a school teacher in juvenile detention/lock-up.

5. I met my husband at a Lunar New Year party. While playing Balderdash, I thought he came up with good definitions. According to hubby, I mistook him for another guy.

6. I am a font freak in recovery. Must stay away from MyFonts.

7. I looove a big day of exploring a new city (or a favorite oldie - San Fran, Portland, Vancouver, Paris!) including visits to junk/art/antique & book stores, a special shoe find if I'm very lucky, and dinner at a great place to take in the vibe of a given neighborhood. A great solo adventure and the makings for a perfect girlfriend outing.

O.K, that was surprisingly easy, and I'm not sure I want to stop. Didn't get to mentioned my dangerous sweet tooth or my affection for The Moth. There, that's better.

Next, I am to share 15 recently discovered blogs that I find inspiring, creative and well worth a visit. Although my choices aren't necessarily recent discoveries, they are among my favorites for sure. I'm modifying my duties and will share 10, instead of 15, as these are the places I would go daily if I could manage it.

I wish I had time to elaborate on each of these blogs/bloggers individually. Among them, they offer: silly humor, sharp wit, a compelling point of view, impressive ingenuity, great talent, impeccable taste, rich food for thought & copious generosity of spirit.

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