Monday, May 23, 2011

what's better than toast?! (a favorite label)

Lately (that's code for 'several years now'), it's rare that I make time to check in on the collections of my favorite designers or labels. I feel pretty out of touch with the world of clothing design beyond Spool + Sparrow. I'm going to begin sharing some of my favorites here on a regular basis as a way to get me outside of my own little bubble. It will be almost like putting it on my calendar. If it makes it to my calendar, it gets done.

Ahhh Toast. Never a shortage of cozy, inviting classic design here.

check dress. looks so versatile, easy to wear, great pattern & colors.

swing jacket. 3/4 length sleeves on jackets are my favorite.

polka dot bather. I think polka dots make for the best suits.

salt water sandals. I'm not sure I can wear them any longer (need more cushion)
but they'll be in my heart forever.

ombre sarong. Although I'm not a sarong kind of girl, I could do something with this.

trousers. a wide-leg sailor pant always appeals to me. come to think of it, a narrow-leg sailor works too.

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