Tuesday, August 2, 2011

easing back in... post-show update

So the big show went off last weekend. It was fun, exhausting and a great opportunity to make new friends. Can you believe I didn't even bring my camera?! I did at least snap a couple booth shots with my phone and a couple of shots of kids in my dresses. Wish I had made photos (with a good camera) a priority, but I've been pretty darned busy of late and photos were not of highest priority. Next show, I'll do better about that.

Now I'm trying to prepare for an upcoming Poppytalk market, keep the kids reasonably engaged and get ready for our annual vacation with close friends. I'm ready for some serious relaxation... well, as close as one can get to that with spirited kids in the mix.


  1. Your booth looks so pretty! I'm in the midst of building mine for a show next weekend - seems like I end up doing something different every time. Your loveliness is very inspiring....

  2. Thank you! Kicking myself for not taking the opportunity to get some nice shots with a real camera. I'll hope to get a glimpse of your newest booth.