Saturday, September 17, 2011

music to work by

I am lucky to get some time in my workspace this fine Saturday tweaking carvings, sketching out a couple more and deciding my focus for 2 upcoming shows. I've been without much time for Spool + Sparrow for a while and that feels bad. Listening to music and working with no background noise - children & such - has felt great.

Today it's been mostly Neko Case - love her!, The Decemberists, and The XX - great music to work by and not lose my focus. They've really grown on me. I'm generally not into videos, but here's a taste:


  1. I'm always trying to something good to listen to in the studio. It's usually NPR, and especially This American Life, but then I find that I try to avoid things like using my sewing machine, because I can't hear as well! Defeats the purpose, right?

  2. Same here. I always avoid my serger when listening to a great story. This American Life and stories from The Moth consistently impede my progress.