Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jack or Jane-of-all-trades apron

For a show last summer, I focused on a unisex apron that is a bit shorter than my full apron. Simple, functional, classic with a 3 section pouch-pocket (the center pouch being larger than the pockets on either side). I've made up more, but creating an opportunity to photograph them in a challenge. What I really need is to track down a model who is available during the limited hours that I am available. Stella, my favorite dress form, is willing - and she doesn't fidget at all - but I much prefer to see clothing and similar items on real people. Luckily, I caught my husband to snap some quick shots recently. Next, I'll photograph him. As may be glaringly obvious, being photographed is NOT an activity I enjoy.

arrows in mineral on sand linen

honeycomb in amber & jet black on grey recycle hemp/organic cotton

arrows on raspberry linen

graphite whale on ginger linen

bicycle for two in graphite on toast linen

bicycle for two in jet black on raspberry linen


  1. You may not like it, but you look really cute. And that raspberry linen is so lovely - I can't decide which one I like most!

  2. i like the honeycomb! but i think i'm partial to bees...
    also, i'm enjoying the expression on your face! ;)
    i absolutely hate having my picture taken. i was a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends in the world, and i ruined each and every picture i was in. if you look at the pictures on display in her house, it looks as though i wasn't even at the wedding because those pictures are too horrible!