Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh shibori... someday our time will come

I've been interested in shibori for a couple of years now. I had admired it in the past, but I hadn't necessarily envisioned myself incorporating shibori into my creations for Spool + Sparrow until just last year. I wanted to read up on it as another way to embellish cloth - sort of a way to make the cloth more my own. And I like the idea of using dyes post-construction of a garment, sometimes in addition to block-printing and/or a bit of limited stitching.

This summer, I spent some time reading up on shibori in its myriad forms. I'm definitely interested in arashi (pole-wrapping), some folding & clamping and bound-resist using a variety of objects - marbles, pebbles, misc. hardware - really captured my interest. By mid-summer, I was stoked.

Then I made the decision to keep my youngest home another year which called for a serious re-evaluation of what I am able to accomplish over the course of a given week. Alas, I have mostly accepted my decision to back-burner shibori a while longer. Perhaps come Spring or Summer, but I'm giving myself no timeline on this one.

Over at Honestly...WTF, Erica shared some of their experience with shibori in this DIY from the summer of 2010. It's a succinct mini-primer with excellent photos of their process. I only stumbled upon it just last week. Glad I did!

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