Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a dancing dragon project for CNY

My 5-yr-old attends a cooperative preschool which means, among other duties, I work there one day each week. Parent-created projects are a staple of co-op life.

In honor of the rapidly approaching lunar new year, I've pulled out my trusty dragon head & tail and prepared to make paper accordion-bodied dragons with the kids. I did this project a couple years back with my older daughter's class. It's easy prep for the parent, always seems well-received by the kids and a great way to introduce a cultural celebration that might just be new to many of the kids. So draw up a dragon head and tail and give it a go.

I printed heads & tails on card stock.

strips of paper, craft sticks & bells to help the dragons scare off any bad juju

folding the accordion body is great for those fine motor skills. Iris
made this one to show her classmates when we introduce the project.

the accordion body allows for great movement

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