Friday, January 27, 2012

enterprising kids: desperate parents

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My 5-yr-old is attempting to earn $18 in order to purchase the most special chipmunk puppet in the entire world. I suggested that we might be able to come up with extra chores for her. There's no monetary compensation for the basic chores we all have as members of our household, but I am game to create some add-ons.

The other night my husband agreed to pay her $1 for a 10 minute back-rub. She would have to scratch or massage his back for not 7 or 8 minutes but a full 10 minutes - according to the timer - or there would be no dollar. He offered a 50 cent bonus if she could do it without speaking.

I didn't think she could pull it off. Another $1.50 was added to her running tab.

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