Sunday, January 1, 2012

A resolution for 2012: Do Less, Better

To date, I cannot recall a single resolution I've made for myself to kick off a new year in a new direction. Perhaps it's just that I've not committed my plans to paper each year. This year will be a little different in that I'm sharing my single resolution here. So for 2012, here it is....
Do Less, Better.

Just before Thanksgiving I came across a piece on Scoutie Girl written by Eleanor Mayrhofer of E.M. Papers in which she shared this: "do less, better" as her motto for 2012. I've co-opted it to use as my own. The sentiment, which I interpret in a couple of ways, so succinctly captures what I most need to do in my life. We all perform so many roles for ourselves and our loved ones these days that it's no surprise we're over-extended. Most days there's a moment when I shake my head silently while chastising myself for not fulfilling one - or more likely several - of these jobs as well as I might like. Well enough to feel proud of approximating my best work. I'm quite good at creating measurable goals for myself, but I like this do less, better just as it is. No need to flesh it out because, really, that flies in the face of the mantra itself.

So go ahead... join me in this resolution. I'm expecting to fall off the wagon more than once, but I wholeheartedly believe in the value of this one.
image via Vintage Vivant

Happy New Year!


  1. Falling off the wagon just a little bit already.

  2. wait, i just bought an iPhone so i could do more with even less time!

    i definitely hear you, though sometimes it just doesn't seem possible to do less, especially with kids. my husband and i were just discussing how we were going to try to become more organized and scheduled, in the hopes that we could somehow regain control of our lives. isn't that crazy?