Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my favorite work sessions..

Those multi-hour stretches of undisturbed time all to myself to play around with fabric, a handful of half-formed design ideas and just see where the stitching takes me are the best. These work sessions are all too rare, but I am grateful for any 2-hour span I can cull out. Today, I got my 2 hours.

Now, it's on to homework, followed by swimming lessons, and general household demands. Lest I forget, the two kiddos lurking over my shoulder at this moment, simultaneously expressing their dire needs, are here to remind me.

My series of concentric circles/bull-eye printing blocks never quite happened for last summer. Too much wood-work requiring of tools that might easily claim a finger or two. I prefer to inflict my gnarliest injuries with my rotary cutter or just a hammer.

It has been a long while since I did any reverse appliqué for Spool + Sparrow. I am getting back to it, but only with knits only (no woven fabrics) for spring/summer women's wear.

No, I have not tired of the chevron.

I wore this wrap top in its not-quite-finished state to co-op pick up today and promptly received two compliments. I'll take that as a good omen. As you can see, how to photograph oneself is beyond my skill set.

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