Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prairie Underground: cloak hoodie

I am not alone in my admiration of Prairie Underground's cloak hoodie. The long version is so flattering. If there is such as thing as universally flattering, I think the cloak hoodie comes very close. Perhaps it wouldn't be ideal for a very ample bosom'd woman. I haven't yet tried on the shorter, hip length cloak hoodie. Still, I'm confident I would get endless wear out either length.

There are certainly other gorgeous, highly functional pieces out there by Prairie Underground. Alas, they are not in my budget. But, I will keep watch for the right cloak hoodie (love it most in dior grey), gently worn perhaps, on ebay. Several other garments from P.U. suit me to a T so you can bet I'll make mention of their super wearable creations soon.

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