Sunday, April 1, 2012

brass necklaces I covet

Today, I put on one of my favorite necklaces.

It's a Laura Lombardi sphere made from two brass folded semi-circles. I've had it nearly a year and a half and love that its color has remained pretty much the same. I have some oxidized silver pieces that have not stood up well to the test of time. I'm not sure what chemical process takes place, but the oxidized look of my chains gradually disappears - and in an unattractive spotty fashion. I hate that. Perhaps there is a way to remedy the situation? I've taken up the matter with the makers of these pieces, but I do steer clear of oxidized silver chains.

It wasn't too far back that I finally learned to stick with golden hues when it comes to jewelry. It suits me far better than silver. I don't tend to wear makeup and silver only accentuates my sometimes deathly pallor.

Here are some of the necklaces I've kept listed among my Etsy favorites so that I can revisit them. Perhaps a couple will join my collection one day..

kindred by Edor

Mida. Another by Laura Lombardi.

Green Agate and brass tube creation from My Selvedged Life.

Another with brass tubes. This one from Valerie Miscellanea. I have a couple pairs
of Valerie's earrings which are so easy to wear.

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  1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the earrings. I love some of your other choices. :)

    A little tip for oxidized metal---coat with clear nail polish! (There's lots of professional coatings too---but nail polish is an easy fix to coat the finish!)