Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY kids: Pin-head People

Though long absent, this bloggy world is far from forgotten. Just relegated to the backseat of late.  I hope to now get back to popping in a bit more, weekly perhaps.  May the awakenings of Spring add a little oomph to your life.

And if your kidlings aren't already on it, get them to stat!  My 6 year old has been completely smitten.  She's a badge-motivated kind of girl.  I love that it is 100% from the kids.

 look at those gorgeous eyes and heart-shaped mouth.  by Iris

this is Kitty Girl.  She was gifted to me by Iris.

Ruby's signature dramatic eyes. 

English riding style - maybe channeling a little Angus Young.
 She sports tan jodhpurs and a tie.  by Ruby

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