Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post No.1

This is it. My very first blog post ... ever. All I have to do is hit the magic orange button. I'll need to learn a bit about formatting and figure out all that I am able to do with blogger, but I suppose that will come naturally enough in the coming weeks. A well-planned approach to my first few posts was feeling oppressive. Instead, I've opted to save the truly riveting for further down the line and just take the plunge, without telling anyone. Huh, maybe it doesn't count if I have no audience? Still, beneath the reluctance I am truly excited.

I plan to use this forum to share what I am working on and what motivates me in the world of books, film, art and the world at large. I love handmade goods and am smitten by the work of so many of my fellow etsians. I want to share. My hope and expectation is that writing a blog might become a valuable creative habit. Stop by again and please do comment. Who doesn't like to feel connected and understood?!

And for the sake of having real content in my first blog entry, I found this gorgeous version of Silverspring on A Beautiful Mess.

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