Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Seconds" sale in my shop begins tomorrow

I'll be posting a few of my one-size-fits-many dress/tunic samples in the shop tomorrow. These fall into the "seconds" category. I am discounting them as there are some visible v-cuts on the inside seam at the top of each dress. The cuts are on the inside and, thus, not at all visible. I tend to over-edge stitch fabric before sewing seams. I do this only to cut down on any edge fraying over time. The cuts were made over the edge stitch before I did the seam stitch. There you have it. Those few cuts have been fray checked. Need to snap photos still as I suspect my description is not sufficiently clear.

Although the integrity of the design is not compromised, I would not feel comfortable selling them at full price. You can check out this dress for a product description. I'll be listing one or two of each of these: