Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Words to live by

A few weeks back I stumbled upon Keri Smith's How to Feel Miserable as an Artist. This list is the single item tacked to my wall as my new work space transformation continues. I don't fancy myself an artist by any means. Instead, I prefer to work on honing the skills of my craft. I suppose it follows, then, that I am a crafter of sorts. Skill-building is not intimidating. Identifying oneself to others as an artist is petrifying. So I haven't settled on any concise descriptors for my work as a whole. Nothing feels quite right...yet. This, in part, is reason enough to commence blogging.

Having said all of that, I do consider all of us to be artists. More on this in another post. Back to Keri. As stated in her blog, Wishjar, she is an author/illustrator, guerilla artist. I think she offers heaps of thoughtful and sometimes provocative insights. I've only browsed her work in the past, but I expect to visit Wishjar more frequently moving forward. My arsenal of creative habits is growing! Check out Keri's Artist's Survival Kit.

An artist who inspires me daily with her sketches of mythical beasts, horses and other magical creatures: My daughter, Ruby. Her little sister's work is equally captivating in an entirely different way.


  1. Ruby's unicorn is AMAZING.

  2. Ruby got a huge smile when reading your comment with me. She says this one was inspired by the movie The Last Unicorn.