Thursday, March 25, 2010

string art eggs

I'm coming across so many amazing design, craft, design/craft/parent blogs out there that I am a bit overwhelmed in organizing them all so that I can relocate posts of particular interest. Today, I am finally getting RSS feeds set up. Soon I will get to work listing more of them here for others to peruse. I'll get this blogging going yet! It is happening, albeit slowly.

The other day I came across Roots & Wings Co.'s string egg tutorial. These women offer some fantastic projects, often requiring materials many of us have on hand. We gave the string art project a try. The girls and I most enjoyed the popping of the balloons.


  1. Thanks for linking to our String Eggs! I love how yours turned out. These are so much fun to me because I remember making them in my childhood!
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

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