Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oliver Jeffers

I've recently started reading Abbey Hendrickson's blog Aesthetic Outburst. Great name aside, Abbey's blog has piqued my interest in a big way. I am trying to carve out a bit of time (twice weekly actually - my new plan to make it happen by scheduling it in) to visit some favorite blogs, Aesthetic Outburst included.

When I recently saw her post on artist/author Oliver Jeffers it seemed a bit of kismet. I adore his children's books, but I am especially smitten by his paintings. The Substitute Window is a favorite as are these:

title unknown

Still Life with Maths and Orange

It's best that you visit his site for more images. Here's a great video of Oliver sharing his illustration process:

I missed my chance to own a reproduction copy of this sketch book completed in about 9 months by four artists, including Oliver, each entry in response to the previous artist's entry. The book passed back and forth between Brooklyn and Belfast.

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