Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get your plaid on

I am excited about plaid these days. You’ll be seeing some in my shop designs come fall - perhaps this summer as well. I’ve amassed a sizable collection of plaid goodness - clothing, accessories, housewares. It's a virtual collection, but I enjoy it just the same.

Cabbage & Roses ruffle collar faisa dress

Cabbage & Roses Ron Bell boy jacket

Larimeloom checkered lining asymmetrical jacket

ForetLA’s At the Cabin Blouse

Infusion’s Eco Toes in vintage golden plaid

Slowink obi by Ledthread

felted wool kitties & unicorns by Penguin and Fish

Inklore’s Simplicity tea towel

Pretty Mary K top by Fink

All Tomorrows Parties dress by Fink

Lady Luck dress by Fink

Rare turtle’s Scout blouse

Pure and simple tunic dress by Bread and Roses

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