Monday, May 24, 2010

a sewn gift from big sis

Ruby rarely misses an opportunity to use my sewing machine. She hand sews as well. This summer she is scheduled to take her first 2-day (6 hours in all) sewing class at our local fabric shop, Pacific Fabrics. She's finally reached the minimum age requirement. I had thought she might not be game to do it on her own, but she's been there so many times and has spoken with many of the lovely women who work there. There seems to be only one male employee. My impression is that he either doesn't sew, quilt, knit or otherwise craft - or he is very new to it all. I have been pleased to see the occasional male taking a class other than upholstering (which is a fantastic class by the way).

In honor of her little sis turning 4, Ruby decided to surprise Iris by whipping up a little red velvety tube dress w/teal obi belt. Ruby maintains her own fabric and embellishment bin and comes up with some spectacular designs. The quality of her execution varies, but she always has plenty of commentary to share with regard to what she might do differently the next time.

And here is Iris proudly sporting her birthday dress just before bed. Yes, she slept in it.

I really should surprise Ruby with her own labels.

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