Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Made by Joel

I have no stock of written posts at the ready for those extra busy Tuesdays when I am missing either the inclination or the time for this little blog. Today, I have it listed on my calendar with a small niche of time and there is so much I would like to cover. Yet I find myself jumping all over the place - from plaids to painted portraits to Alexi Murdoch. This means it's a good day to focus on an artist or blogger whose work wows and inspires me.

Today, it's Joel Henriques of Portland, Oregon. In his blog, Made by Joel, he shares some of his ingenious crafts and projects for kids and adults alike. For me, much of the appeal of his creations is the beauty of their simplicity. It's that kind of simplicity that seems to be generally over-looked by most of us. I am enamored with this kind of vision. Joel has an art site as well, where you'll find his still life and abstract pieces, mobiles and more. There's a good bit of this site that I have yet to peruse.

I so look forward to reading Made by Joel as his designs all strike me as functional art. Here are some of my recent favorites:

This fabulous lamp.

So much goodness to be found here. Thank you Joel!

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  1. Hi Julie, I too am a Made by Joel fan and read his blog for those wonderful ideas of his often. Funny, but I too need to write my blog tonight and have also decided to focus on a fabulous artist who most inspires me in England. Now - just to get the kids fed and off to bed first.
    I received the parcel with my wonderful order, so beautifully wrapped, and as soon as Spring stops thinking it's Winter again I will take photos and blog about you too.

    A bientôt