Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mock wrap shirt w/obi

Looks like I'm down to the wire in getting my Tuesday post written. I am still scheduling in time on my calendar for this weekly post. I didn't have it in me when the time came early in the day. A friend died this past weekend. Today has been a day of contemplation.

So for today I'll share something new I am working on for fall. Of course, we haven't hit summer yet, but I have to start thinking about designs & fabrics. I mentioned a while back that I was taking a class to demystify the pattern language (sewing pattern language that is). You see, I haven't used patterns and somehow convinced myself that I wouldn't know how to decode them. I made it to my weekly class for a month and was feeling pretty sickly the entire time. Still, I had fun, met some nice people and learned a few things. Turns out my approach to sewing isn't so far out there. I did learn that a size 6/8 is more like a 12/14 when it comes to most sewing patterns. Who knew?! I loved watching my teacher's technique when it came to pinning for darts and even just laying out a pattern piece on fabric. I've never watched a lifelong sewer (who has taught all of her 4 children as well) who knows all the "rules". Now that I have a better idea what the "rules" are, I can continue to break them with more confidence.

Now for the end product of my class. I used a Mod Kids pattern for a fabulous mock wrap top. I had been toying around with design elements for a kimono-inspired wrap shirt and/or jacket for fall & winter. When scanning patterns at the fabric store, this most closely resembled what I have in mind. At this point, I'm most enthused about working with a lighter weight woven fabric (definitely some plaid) paired with a great wool. I am very excited about the combo! The pattern states that it is ok to use it to create goods for sale. I wonder if most patterns offer similar permission? I really like the pattern, but I made a few modifications and will need to make several more to suit my taste and the drape of the fabrics I plan to use. I really need to try and cut my labor time down as well.

Without further adieu, here is the shirt I made for Ruby. I love it!

The colors and mix of textures suit her perfectly. She is NOT into pink, but even she liked the hot pink corduroy obi once she tried the whole ensemble.

Iris put her pastel version on for a moment, took a fall and has now refused to ever try it on again - even for a couple of minutes so that I can snap a few shots. I guess she blames it for the fall. That, and the fact that it is not a tank top, means I have to wait until the mood strikes her. If ever. Hmph. Iris plays age 3 so well! I definitely need a model to share the full effect, but a hanger shot will have to suffice for now.

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