Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poppytalk for Oxfam - oil spill response market

Many of us have the devastation of the oil spill in mind these days. I applaud Poppytalk in their decision to cancel a previously scheduled July market in favor of an Oil Spill Response market. Poppytalk and all of the participating vendors in this market will be making donations to Oxfam America to aid those most vulnerable communities threatened by the spill.

This market will run July 5- July 30. I am honored to be a participant. I'm working on a couple of new carvings and will include designs I didn't have available the last time I participated in a Poppytalk Handmade market.

I've been toying a bit with some possible fall/winter designs. Belts inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono sash & obi belt will definitely be included. My older daughter and I have enjoyed making fabric pins in recent weeks. Soon, and for the Oil Spill Response Market, I'll be listing some in the shop along with some wrap belts. A couple months back I lucked into some great vintage cotton Japanese fabrics - great texture and super vivid colors. I'm very pleased with the belts I have made so far. I'll offer at least one women's size and two kids sizes. Here's a peek of a couple for kids:

reversible obi belts w/detachable brooches

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  1. oh i love these Julie! it'll be an hounour to have you again!