Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have recently come to self-identify as a junker. Goodwill, craigslist and myriad antique/treasure stores provide ample opportunity for me to seek out the rare find. There is always something I am seeking.

Last weekend, I got to spend a day "junkin' ". Now I do find some lovely antiques as well - it certainly isn't all "junk" - but a lot of what I am able to take home with me might qualify as junk in the eyes of another. Sadly, my sis was too sick to join me as planned. Still, I hit the road at 6:30am on Saturday and headed south from Seattle. First stop was Barn House in Battle Ground, WA. Just over 3 hours from home. My kids and husband were backpacking so I was free to head out and explore. Barn House was lovely. If you don't know of their seasonal sales check them out. I arrived about 45 min. after they had opened and, thus, missed out on a couple of nice finds. I imagine there was a decent line awaiting opening. I had fun visiting, but left empty-handed. Some great tables, metal bins and such but I had other items on my list. Ido hope to return to Barn House for their spring sale.

Next, I went to a great little gathering of about 9 or 10 vendors selling miscellaneous "treasures". Left with a wire basket, a great old smock and a few vintage spools still wrapped in wool for $1 each. I love an old spool with a pretty patina to the wood. Prices were great here. On my way back to the freeway, I stopped at a place called Treasure Barn, still in Battle Ground, and found a beautiful vintage table cloth and a nice wood&metal milk crate. Perfect! I'll be participating in a big holiday show later in the year and had props in mind.

I then headed to Camas, WA in search of the Camas Antique Mall. I had never been in the area, but it was gorgeous weather for a scenic drive. Just before the WA/OR border I headed East and made it to the mall. It was fabulous! Definitely worth a day trip. Two floors, lots of vendor spaces (central purchasing) and prices were pretty darned good. Left with a great metal basket with handle, a wooden berry crate with tall handle and a marble mortar and pestle to save as a gift for my daughter who has been eager to find one for mashing various elements " (berries, chalk, etc.) to use in mixing potions and creating art.

All in all it was a splendid day for junkin' and a great solitary getaway for me. Here are some of my recent acquisitions - some from the weekend and some from earlier outings around home:

wooden berry basket

vintage spools

milk crate

cool metal basket

vintage table cloth for travels with Vera, our trailer

fabulous industrial library/desk lamp

Ginny Conrow weed pot, from her early style

candle holders likely to go to my sister

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  1. I would definitely have brought a bit of that home with me too! About to venture home to Aussie and NZ for 2 months and guess what gorgeous dresses I'm taking with me...