Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Reading books or magazines online is far from my passion. My eyes wander, I squint too much regardless of font size and I miss holding the real thing in my hands. It's a mini ongoing battle even to peruse the e-mags that truly really grab my attention (content-wise). When it comes to books, I don't see myself coveting a kindle anytime soon. I didn't say never - just not in the foreseeable future. I will admit to some luddite tendencies.

I can easily jump blog-to-blog and find that I've lost hours of precious time. Same with Craigslist and eBay on occasion. I suppose the trick for me is to focus on only a few, for say a couple of weeks, and then switch over to a few others. More than that and I'm trapped in the vortex with a profound sense of needing to "catch up".

Enter Lonny. Lonny is a bi-monthly online magazine started in 2009. The focus is lifestyle and home decor. I've already encountered a couple of my favorite bloggers as well as some items on my imaginary wish list. That's a good sign to me - a small taste of what I already like plus an introduction to much more. I'm all for a No Rules philosophy when it comes to design, but I am open to tips. So Lonny it is. Who knows, maybe I'll start itching for a kindle.

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