Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Vera

We've made a recent addition to the family. It was clear at first sight that she is a "she". A brief discussion of names with my 4-yr-old resulted in a clear winner. My older child seems to have embraced the new moniker and husband made no objection. In full, she is known as Vera, The Queen of Adventure. And she has wings!

Vera is a 1962 Shasta Airflyte trailer. She cost a whopping $177 on ebay. To our good fortune she wasn't far from our home. I was stunned that she made it through the tow to our driveway intact. Vera is seriously weathered. I'm certain she has some great stories to tell. Post-winter, her transformation will begin. My husband will rebuild her. He has the technology. ;) I'll be in charge of upholstering, curtains and the like. We are nearly overwhelmed with too many projects on deck, but the addition of Vera just made good sense. I'll be sure to share her metamorphosis here.

Her windows are broken, but the rodent nests have been removed. She has some usable parts, including a fantastic magazine rack with the Shasta signature "S" on it. At 13 feet of living space, it will be a cozy fit for the four of us. I may have to turn out my rockabilly alter ego for adventures with Vera. And no, I am not rockabilly but have long been smitten with the music, attire and what I like to conjure up as a way of life.

Come summer 2011, we hope Vera might resemble one of these beauties.


And here she is...
62' Shasta Airflyte SC-2

Following a nice bath, Vera is already feeling more sprightly.
62' Shasta Airflyte SC-8

62' Shasta Airflyte SC-12

As you might have expected, the interior also calls for a complete overhaul.
62' Shasta Airflyte SC-13

62' Shasta Airflyte SC-15

And there she is. For those who chose to see it, Vera is clearly a diamond in the rough. Yee haw!

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  1. Pretty amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with the interior :)