Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ingeo/PLA pillow forms now available

I've just modified my current shop listings for pillow slips to include pillow forms. These forms are not kapok, as I had last winter. Instead they are filled with Ingeo fiberfill, also known as PLA. Ingeo is a polymer made from lactic acid - a natural product made from fermentable sugars, sugars that are found in plants. It’s hypoallergenic, naturally resilient, washable, 100% nature-based and not reliant on fossil fuels.

I make the covers out of a natural color cotton ticking. This ticking reminds me of the old pillows I sometimes encounter in antique shops, although mine is solid in color. I love striped ticking and it was all knew of until recently, but I want these inserts to work with even the lightest of color/weight linen slips. My pillow slips are all mid-weight linen so stripes on a pillow form would not show through, but I like to keep the option open.

Tomorrow - if the rain lets up - I'll snap some photos as writing about a new product without photos feels wrong. Still, I'm here..I'm posting..and I'm excited about my new pillow forms.

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