Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet roper boots!

So I've added an item to my shop that I did not make myself. I'm thinking I might add a few vintage items now and then as I so often find items very much in keeping with my design ethic, but I can't buy them for myself. This most beautiful pair of roper/packer/lace up boots just added in the shop are an exception in that I did buy them for myself. I won them at auction about a month again and am just now accepting the undeniable fact that they truly are a tiny bit too small for me. As ropers go, these are the goods! If you wear a women's size 8 these beauties are a perfect timeless, tough and oh-so-versatile investment to last a lifetime. Wear them with dresses, tights, jeans, period costuming or on the farm as intended. I've made my peace and now only wish for them a good home.

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