Monday, September 6, 2010

pouffe! an update

I've been messing around with the lining of my pouffe and the fiberfill. I'm now drawing on my not-so-vast knowledge of upholstering and have moved from heavy weight hemp/organic cotton to burlap. There are some beautiful burlaps out there that I would love to print on and sew with, but those can be difficult to find and can be cost prohibitive. I'm finding that a basic strong burlap does the trick perfectly. Hadn't expected I would be buying burlap by the bolt.

As for the fill... I had decided that I would need to either decrease the size of the pouffe or increase the fill. Ingeo (a.k.a PLA), isn't widely availably and is not so cheap as it's evil polyfill cousin. For those of you accustomed to shipping sizable items, you know it can be a little tricky finding the best combination of weight and dimensions that doesn't result in exorbitant shipping costs. I've made a slight side adjustment for now. The pouffe I nearly finished today is filled with 4.5lbs. of PLA. I'll continue to toy with sizing on this. I had to do some real compression in order to ship a pouffe the other day, and I'm not sure that was the way to go. It helped keep the shipping cost within reason, but I do think the immediate impression of the customer upon opening the box might not be what I would hope. Ingeo is super resilient. It will return to size, but it will likely need some breathing time first. Live and learn. New pouffe photos coming soon.

And, I do intend to return to other topics beyond my shop in this here blog. The kids are almost back to school. Even though my youngest will still be with me more often than not during the day, the additional weekday work hours I'll have will be put to good use.

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