Friday, October 22, 2010

The big reveal: Nausicaa and Sheeta

Costumes for the girls are finished. Phew! Saturday is our elementary school's big fall carnival and costumes are encouraged. Makes me happy that they'll at least have two special occasions to wear them. As is my norm, the creation part took longer than expected but we're all happy with the results.

My littlest one is a bit bummed out that I am not going to be Dola, but I have spent several hours playing the role in recent days. She loves it when I reply to her inquires of "Dola?" with a cranky sounding "Call me Captain!" Makes her smile every time.


Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa
a.k.a Sheeta. Sheeta is the rightful ruler of the floating island in the sky, Laputa.

And another tough cookie.....

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Her fox-squirrel friend is sadly absent in the photo.

I'm one proud Mama.


  1. These are fantastic and so creative. You outdid yourself once again with your wonderful seamstress skills. Will be a great Halloween!

  2. those are awesome! we are big castle in the sky fans around here, as well. not familiar with valley of the wind, we'll have to check it out!