Saturday, October 30, 2010

holiday shop update - pricing handmade

In the coming weeks, I'll be making changes to some of the prices in my shop. As I prepare for what I hope might be a busy season, I am more acutely aware that I need to be sure my pricing covers the labor associated with each piece. Material costs may shift and require minor price adjustments on occasion, but I hope to absorb those changes without impacting product prices. I have been well aware that I've not sufficiently factored in the time I put into some of my creations. Over the past several weeks, I have been re-examining this variable.

Prior to this season, I was selling a bit to the trade. However, I realized that I simply do not want to set retail prices as high as I would need to in order to continue wholesaling. Rather, I want to continue to focus on quality and loving what I am doing for the shop as I balance it all with parenting - including a little one who is with me the vast majority of the time. Mass production is very much contrary to what gives me joy in this little business. I love knowing who my customers are and tracking where in the world my products go. And, hearing back from customers is a key part of it all. I like that connection and don' t think I would pursue selling my wares were it not for that relationship.

I expect that my customers purchase from me largely because they expect quality, unique, handmade items and for that I am grateful. They understand the time and expertise invested as well as the quality of the materials involved. Just as I would pay an employee fairly for her or his time, I must do the same for myself. Still, it's difficult to price according to what it truly costs to produce each piece. That customers are willing to use some of their hard-earned money to purchase something that I created is incredibly humbling.

Going forward, I am going to make every effort to honor the work that I do and do no disservice to others artisans and craftspeople who are similarly working hard to operate a sustainable business. I will continue to create natural fiber items for everyday living - housewares, clothing and accessories - and feel thankful for the opportunity.

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  1. Hi there- I just found your post and wanted to thank you for being honest and open. I also thank you as a fellow small biz maker who values your work, my own work and believes in pricing fairly to continue to do what we love!

    Tania :)