Friday, October 29, 2010

First Aid Kit - Ghost Town

I'm thinking music might be a nice Friday addition. My husband has gone out for live music three times in the past couple weeks and may have spread the bug to me. We used to love going out for shows, but life is a lot different with young kiddos. Still, I periodically get motivated to recommit to getting out more. And it seems I am the master when it comes to realizing that I've missed a performance - music, comedy, author reading - by days or weeks. The most recent miss that I am currently aware of - aside from The Corin Tucker Band which at least one member of the family got to enjoy - is First Aid Kit. They were here in Seattle last month.

Their newest video for your listening/viewing pleasure...


  1. Such a beautiful song - thanks for sharing! And I love your girls' Halloween costumes - very impressive indeed!

  2. Isn't it a lovely song?! Their young age makes it all the more impressive (no offense to the younger set). Thank you for your kind words on the costumes. Sadly, the kids are a bit sickly for a big outing but we'll at least visit some neighbors.

    I just posted over at Turrtle & Mu but forgot to mention a great little documentary we just saw that you and your kids might enjoy. Your photo with canoes brought it to mind. It's called Paddle to Seattle and the guys who made it are super engaging. Our whole family loved it.