Thursday, October 14, 2010

pouffe - new size in the shop

I have modified the size of the pouffes I make for my shop. I do love the original size (and still have this one left), but I'm now making them a bit shorter. This size change will make shipping a whole lot easier and less expensive. The diameter is the same, but they are now about 4" shorter. Well-stuffed with 3 pounds of eco-sensitive Ingeo fiberfill.

Not sure that I offered an explanation of Ingeo so here's the description I include in the shop:

Eco-friendly Ingeo is also known as PLA. Ingeo is a polymer made from lactic acid - a natural product made from fermentable sugars, sugars that are found in plants. It’s hypoallergenic, naturally resilient, washable, 100% nature-based and not reliant on fossil fuels.

a great place to read to your kitty

...or contemplate those big questions

toast linen with graphite or scarlet stripes

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