Thursday, December 9, 2010

The show was a success

I had hoped to post a detailed description of my first craft show experience, but as is the case for most of us, time is apparently not on my side right now. Thus, the short version.

I am pleased to say that spending two days at the 30th Annual Winter Festival & Craft Show, here in Seattle, was a joy. People were lovely and so generous with their compliments. It was wonderful to finally get to meet with a large group of people in one setting and hear all of their feedback on my products. I was lucky to sell a bit of everything and spend the time in the company of talented artisans with the most pleasant of personalities. With a little luck, I'll get to exhibit next year at the 31st annual event. Overall, the show was good for the soul, I met several people I'm happy to know and hope to see again, and it was a successful sales experience to boot. I met a lovely women at the show who felt that my wares were well-suited for a show she is organizing to be held at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. Turns out I had encountered her online. That show will happen in mid-February. More on this new development later...

Although I wasn't able to run around and visit the work of other vendors outside of my room at the show, I did buy the most perfect wool felted handbag from my neighbor Kim of Kim's Woolies in Pt. Townsend. Also picked up a sweet little accordion style papercut book made by Karin Chickadel. I love paper-cuts and Karin's creations are no exception. You can find her here. In the future, I would definitely try to arrange a time for me to shop the show myself. Leaving my booth simply wasn't an option.

Lastly, I did use my Square mobile payment system at the show. Will post on that next.

made by Kim

My youngest sporting my latest jumper and the bag she covets

made by Karin

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