Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Festival & Craft Show

Saturday and Sunday I'll be among the 115-120 vendors exhibiting at the 30th Annual Winter Festival & Craft Show here in Seattle. Last year, I attended this event and the other big craft show in town which always takes place on the same weekend. Makes for a fun outing to attend both, but as a vendor (and my first show) I decided I should apply for only one of the two this year.

I chose the Winter Festival & Craft Show for a number of reasons. This annual event is run by the Phinney Neighborhood Association which offers a broad variety of programs, events and classes with an emphasis on programs for children, families and education. The main building (where you'll find me, on the main floor) was formerly a school, opened in 1904. Definitely offers plenty of old world charm. The lower brick building was also formerly a school, opened in 1917.

I was so pleased to have been accepted. Now, just a little anxious as I haven't much idea what to expect in terms of sales. Come Sunday night, a lot of questions will have been answered. Please do say hello if you're in the area. Should be a lovely weather weekend for doing the craft rounds.

My Etsy shop will be officially on vacation mode until Sunday night or Monday morning.


  1. Just wanted to let you know how delightful I found your products! I hope you did well at the show - I was up on the 2nd floor - it was my 10th year and it never fails to disappoint! best of luck to you...and stop by my blog if you get the chance...
    amy of four corners design

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for your generous words. Sadly, I didn't get to leave my booth and peruse the event, but I had a fantastic time. I just left a bit of a rambling post of your blog. Your creations are lovely!