Thursday, December 2, 2010

stitchin' and craftin'

The girls and I have begun making gifts for our Christmas company. We - actually it's they - are master mess makers when it comes to crafting gifts, but I try to contain myself and choose my battles carefully. I bring out a lot of random supplies and the end products are often unexpected. The first project was ornaments made from fabric, paper and wire. We quickly honed in on making tiny clothes with even tinier hangers.

My oldest hand-stitched this creation using fabric, filter paper and some cereal box for structure. I love it!

She made this as well. It's mounted on filter paper. I think she wants to frame this one. So cute!

My youngest designed and glued these little lovelies. I showed her some pictures of bodice and skirt styles. She told me which shapes and fabric to cut. I couldn't resist assisting a bit with the glue as we decided it was important to make sure the hangers did not get glued onto the garments.

The Collection

In readying myself for a craft fair this weekend, I've been stitching up most of my signage. I usually send stitched and block-printed thank you cards with online orders. It seems to work nicely for small paper signs as well.

And lastly...

Our project got me side tracked on applique. I had a request for a new art tool roll for one of my horse-crazy girls. Lucky horse shoes made from mustard wool, plus one cut from a leather remnant, on the outside (there's a horse print patch on the inside) fit the bill perfectly.

and another for my show this weekend

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