Sunday, January 16, 2011

show prep begins

I'm slowly getting into the proper mindset to prepare for a show in February. Preparation has been happening, but I'm certainly far from overdrive. I don't sell sachets in my shop, but they were well received sold in pairs at my last (which was also my first) show in December. I like to give them as gifts as well. A perpetually sore wrist is making carving into wood a poor idea, but I am able to carve into soft-cut or lino. I made a new print in tribute to our trailer, Vera, and another, an origami crane, that I love printed in persimmon ink.

I fill my sachets with buckwheat hulls (for that satisfying bean bag crunch), lavender and chamomile. Straight lavender is usually strong for me. Tempered with chamomile - I like. Last summer I made some simple muslin tea bags filled with about 2 parts chamomile to 1 part lavender. Yum! Dried orange peel works well too.

Here's a first little taste of show goodies...

My husband commented that trailer geeks will be distracted by the lack of a door on Vera. I told him that I think they're smart enough to figure out the door is on the other side. ;)

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