Monday, February 14, 2011

bunny love

Whenever I get a moment to browse a few blogs, I always begin with Ill Seen, Ill Said. Today, in Jane's Where We Blog From series I caught a peek of the glorious home of Mandy, in Australia, who writes a couple of blogs: 16 House and What Made You Happy Today. I've not yet checked out the latter, but I can already tell that 16 House might easily become a favorite place for me to visit.

A quick browse of 16 house brought me to perhaps the most adorable animal baby photo I've encountered. Seems a suitable picture to share on Valentine's Day. Yes, they are real.

picture via You Are My Favorite, which looks to be
another blog that will easily draw me in.


  1. Oh wow - I'm so flattered you come to my blog first!! I'm so glad you liked today's Where we blog from! And yes, those bunnies, so so cute!

  2. You are so sweet to post about my blog. You've made my day!