Tuesday, February 15, 2011

almost show time! Ruffles & Rust

I've put my shop on vacation mode until Monday while I finish preparing for the big Ruffles & Rust Spring Market - as shared here - this Friday & Saturday. Fingers crossed that the weather front predicted (snow) changes course so fans of junkin', vintage-inspired and handmade can make it to the show!


  1. I love these! Did you carve the stamps? My friends and I are obsessed with vintage Airstreams. I really want to get something like that to put on some t shirts I started making. Is it possible I could buy a stamp like that from you? I love your style. Wish I could come to one of your shows.

  2. Hi there. I remember coming across your blog last summer - a post in which one of your beautiful daughters was wearing a lovely dress you made from curtains. I loved it! Yes, I do create my carvings, but I don't sell them. The trailer featured on these towels is our Vera, Shasta Airflyte, who is still awaiting her make-over. You should try your hand at making some Airstream carvings. You can certainly play with soft block and the basic Speedball carving tool to try out, or go for linoleum block for a longer-life. You'll need other carving tools for wood Go for it! Thank you for your kind words.