Monday, February 7, 2011

recent acquisitions - props

I've been visiting craigslist and a couple of my favorite junk/antique shops a little bit lately in search of a few props for upcoming shows - shows of the real and the fantasized variety. Here are the gems I've been lucky to find over the past 6 weeks:

These most awesome oars. Would love the boat to fit them as well, but I'll be glad to repurpose the oars as a sort of hanging rod for my garments. In my world, these babies ooze charm.

This gorgeous Virginia Pine table with leaves. It needs some TLC from a skilled woodworker (thank you Dan!) to patch and add new hinges on one side in order to reattach the leaf, but it was a great find.

And lastly, this beautiful dough bowl.

1 comment:

  1. julie, those are some seriously sweet oars! i have just one over a doorway in my kitchen and I love it!
    ps..thank you for your sweet words on my blog