Wednesday, February 9, 2011

shoe love - Chie Mihara

There was a time long, long ago when I was a bit of a shoe hound. I still harbor a great appreciation for a well-made, high comfort, artful shoe. If I had to identify what was probably my signature style back in the day, it would be something like this.

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I kind of miss those days. Although these babies fit the bill in terms of comfort and practicality, they are nowhere in the budget. Now, it seems, I select a pair of boy style cuffed jeans and wear them for a week straight - maybe two. Add a tank or button up oxford and a girlish cardigan and you have my dress-up uniform. Typically I have about 30 seconds to get dressed so it's all about convenience. I do consider putting more effort into it, but apparently I'm just not ready to recommit. Still, these Chie Mihara's would suit my uniform perfectly!

Perhaps soon I'll share a shot of the Fluevog burgundy bondgirl boots I won recently on Ebay. Sooo comfy and Fluevogs keep me young.

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