Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bags a 'comin

On Monday I posted this tote bag in my shop. I am so excited about adding some bags! Primarily tote and a mobius shoulder strap number. My collection of thrifted leather belts is growing so that I'll have ample supply for straps. I love disassembling the belt components and combining them in new arrangements with grommets, rivets, snaps and such for straps, although I do need a much sharper hole punch for leather.

So this is the first one to go into the shop. It's made from organic cotton canvas & linen with detachable straps so they can be removed for laundering. I'm awaiting a few yards of a new, fairly heavy-weight hemp that I'm hoping to use for bags and a couple other items.


  1. I'm LOVING these totes with upcycled straps! The dark tones of the straps and light tones of your eco fabrics make for a striking look. Cheers!

  2. Thank you Miss Mandy! It's fun getting to shop for belts and it helps to satisfy my interest in buying. I've dismantled a few to turn into cowgirl belts for the girls, so now I must keep them out of sight. Also learned that it's best to never let Miss I attempt rivet setting with a hammer while I hold the rivet setter in place on the anvil with my fingers.